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Cyber Security for Safety In the Cyber Space

As modern day business becomes more and more internet-based, businesses small and large face an increased threat of cyber invasion. Just as technology becomes more innovative, the tools at the disposal of cyber hackers become more intelligent and the vulnerability of businesses in the UK is now greater than ever before. From data breaches to phishing scams and ransomware, no business that operates online is resistant to a cyber attack unless they take the necessary precautionary measures. This is where we step in.

Providing Training Courses That Will Build Cyber Resilience

We are an accredited training course provider who are dedicated to making your business safer in the cyber space. Committed to protecting your business data and that of your customers, our cyber resilience courses will enable you to build a cyber security strategy that is aligned to your business’s needs, giving you the peace of mind you need to be able to continue business procedure uninhibited by security issues.

RESILIA Cyber Security to Protect Your Business and Your Reputation

Developed by AXELOS and supported by the Cyber Resilience best practice guide, our training course RESILIA is designed to provide individuals, employees or an entire organisation with the necessary skills and knowledge to build a robust cyber security strategy. Make yourself cyber aware in order to minimise the damage inflicted on your business in the event of a cyber attack. Protect your business from cyber dangers with RESILIA and you’ll protect your reputation too. View RESILIA Courses

Providers of ITIL, PRINCE2, AGILE PM and MoR

Driven by a genuine commitment to helping individuals improve their professional lives, we also specialise in providing a range of certifications that focus on other areas of business procedure: project management, management of risk and IT. Our courses ITIL, PRINCE2, AGILE PM and MoR are universally recognised qualifications that can put individuals on the right path towards a successful career and help them attain their goals. Our client-focused, personal approach to training our candidates is what underpins our company and we have a genuine enthusiasm for helping you realise your potential.

itil training and certificate


The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) qualification is one of the foremost approaches to IT service management. It is comprised of a series of qualifications focused on different aspects of ITIL best practices which allows users the flexibility to focus on the different disciplines and areas of ITIL as well as the ability to narrow their studies on key areas of interest.

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prince2 training and certificate


PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured, process based methodology for effective project management. One of the great benefits is that it is completely generic, the methodology can be easily applied to all type of project regardless of the scale, industry or sector.

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agile project management training


AgilePM® provides a flexible approach for developing successful projects with the ability to manage them effectively and efficiently from start to finish. It promotes a more collaborative and incremental methodology thereby making managers and support staff more readily able to react to change within the project.

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m o r risk management training

Management of Risk®

Management of Risk (M_o_R)® considers risk from a range of perspectives within a company, namely: Strategic, Programme, Project and Operational. It provides a robust yet flexible framework that permits the ability to accurately and consistently assess the risks posed to an organisation and demonstrates how they can be properly managed to ensure project success.

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Personal, Bespoke, Professional Training Courses

Dedicated To Putting You On A Path Towards Success

Perpetuum Training is a company that is dedicated to improving your professional life by providing a range of certifications that will put you on a trajectory towards success. We are committed to making your next step in professional development an easier, more enjoyable and rewarding process by helping you achieve your career goals.

An Unparalleled Quality of Service

Whether you’re seeking training for your own personal development, as part of a career transition or looking to obtain a recognised certification in a field in which you are already experienced, we will deliver an unparalleled quality of service that will secure the accomplishment of your aspirations. Irrespective of the purpose behind your ambition to attain a professional qualification, we are devoted to assisting you in attaining your accreditation.

Committed To Helping You

Our focus is always on you. Our courses are tailored to meet your individual requirements and our service is informed by what you want. An in-depth knowledge of the industry and extensive experience forms the foundation of our service to you, ensuring that we are successful in delivering you the best results. Our client-focused, personal approach to training our candidates is what underpins our company and we have a genuine enthusiasm for helping you realise your potential. Contact Us

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