How to become GDPR compliant in 3 steps

Time is running out: there’s only one year left until GDPR laws come into full effect and for business owners who haven’t yet started preparing, GDPR has to become a priority, now. On May 25th 2018, all business’s holding data from any citizen living in the EU have to become GDPR compliant, or face a fine. A huge proportion of businesses are unprepared for GDPR, but there are 3 simple steps they can take to begin their path to becoming fully compliant.

1. Allocate More Resources to GDPR

The complexity of GDPR changes are making business owners anxious. As we discussed in a previous article, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to implement which can put a lot of strain on a business’s infrastructure. To keep on top of the changes and ensure that all the right boxes are being ticked, companies should devote more resources to meeting the complex demands of GDPR. Training all staff in GDPR compliance and sharing GDPR literature throughout the workforce are effective ways of doing this, and planning ahead.

2. Get Educated on GDPR Policy

Data protection in itself is an intricate and detailed issue but GDPR is set to add another layer of complexity to holding customer data. Learning about all the new measures isn’t a matter of negotiation. The new measures require all companies to get an explicit statement of consent from their customers when it comes to possessing and processing their private information. Without this permission, it will become illegal for companies to obtain and hold data. Further restrictions on the ability of children to give their consent to data processing will also be implemented, which you can learn about here.

3. Take Advantage of Workshops and Masterclasses

You don’t have to learn about becoming GDPR compliant on your own. There are so many experts in the field whose knowledge you can tap into. If you’re based in Manchester, you’re in luck because we are hosting a FREE GDPR breakfast discussion event where you’ll get to learn expert knowledge on becoming GDPR compliant. The breakfast event will cover all the elements of GDPR policy that you need to know and best of all, you’ll get to learn whilst consuming delicious food, drinks and with great company.

See the full details of our GDPR breakfast here and reserve your place before spaces run out. Or, if you’d like to learn more about GDPR from one of our friendly team, contact us here.