Perpetuum Training – Accredited Training Programme

Our Aim – Optimum Efficiency In A Relaxed Fashion

We provide a dedicated training service across a range of certifications that makes your next step in professional development personal, enjoyable and rewarding. We will make it easier for you to get that step closer to where you want to be and keep you moving forwards.

We understand that there are a variety of reasons for choosing to undertake a professional development course and we will discuss these with you so that we understand your objectives. Whether for your own personal development, as part of a career transition, or maybe you are looking to obtain a recognised certification in a field in which you are already experienced: we are committed to providing you with the very best training and service from end to end to help you to succeed in your aspirations. We recognise your commitment to progressing your career with our training courses and so we will work exceptionally hard to ensure your success.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are handpicked for their alignment with the company ethos, their proven track record of instruction and expertise within their field. We devoted a lot of time to our selection of instructors because we wanted to ensure that each tutor provides the highest level of tuition to delegates. Every instructor is armed with up-to-date, extensive industry understanding, a genuine passion for the subject and a depth of knowledge that will be transferred to you. Their high quality tuition, inspirational instruction and guidance even after accreditation will provide you with an engaging, appealing learning process. We will support you throughout the course and in the lead up to your exams so that you’ll be given the very best opportunity to succeed.

The Management Team

The Management Team comprises of individuals with a wide range of experience and backgrounds that includes the sectors of business management, the military, the police and adult education. This highly experienced team has successfully delivered training in a variety of educational and developmental roles but they are united in their dedication to providing training to all at the highest standard. They understand the importance of tailoring each course to the individual or corporation in question and will always utilise teaching methods that best fit each client. We all look forward to welcoming you onto one of our courses and working with you to realise your next career goal.

The Learning Environment

We have chosen to partner with the both Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) and the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (LCC). They offer an ideal learning environment for our delegates and top class facilities that provide everything that you need including WiFi, lounges and break-out rooms. The classrooms provide a bright and spacious setting and are designed specifically to create a positive and comfortable environment in which to learn. Both Chambers of Commerce are located centrally within their respective city centres and are within easy reach of mainline stations, parking, hotels, restaurants and shops.


Perpetuum Training is a company that prides itself on offering a personal touch to the training process. Rather than merely running a course and helping individuals attain accreditation, we place particular emphasis on continuing our services even after success has been achieved. We want each of our clients to obtain a thorough, genuine understanding in their chosen course and really believe in the methodology that they are learning. Instead of simply attending classes, ticking the boxes and attaining the qualification, we want you acquire a sincere, unaffected understanding of the areas of learning.

Our search for instructors required considerable time and effort because we wanted to source instructors who were willing to go the extra mile for their students. So, each instructor is here to continue the support of their students even after course completion. This means that once you’ve actually utilised and implemented the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired through the course, you’ll be able to ‘reach back’ to the instructor for further assistance. They will act as a mentor to you to ensure that through the successful implementation of what you’ve learned, you will really believe in the methodologies and view them as more than a simple CV enhancer. With our mentorship programme, you will actually deepen and improve your professional understanding, becoming an expert in your field with knowledge that you will use throughout your professional career.

Rob Ferrey MSc

Rob is one of the founders and a Director of Perpetuum Training. He is a former Royal Marines Captain who served for 9 years and was deployed across the globe, including to Iraq and Northern Ireland.

Rob held several management roles within the Marines and understands the need for training excellence at all levels in order to achieve high levels of success. He spent 18 months at the Commando Training Centre delivering the testing and rigorous 9-month programme for Royal Marine recruits.

Rob’s ability to plan and deliver high quality training products to an exacting standard remains apparent. Since leaving the Armed Forces in 2010, he has worked as a management consultant and trainer for leading businesses and consultancy organisations across Africa, the Middle East, America and Europe.

Rob is passionate about delivering high standards of service and a quality training to Perpetuum clients and will always go that extra mile to ensure this is achieved.


20160527_193557Darren Kelly

Darren is one of the founders and a Director of Perpetuum Training. He served in the British Infantry for 11 years in a range of high-profile frontline deployments including Iraq and Afghanistan, before retiring as a Major. Darren was a member of the British Army Officer Selection Board, commanded an infantry training company, and held various leadership and training roles during his service.

After leaving the British Armed Forces, Darren joined a publicly-traded mineral exploration company developing gold mines in West Africa. As Regional Manager, Darren was responsible for the planning and overseeing of regional operations and mitigating the threats to commercial operations from terrorism, insurgency and the Ebola epidemic.

Darren’s commitment to professional development and mentorship led to the founding of Perpetuum Training in early 2016. As a qualified Project Management Practitioner (PMP) and Management of Risk Practitioner (M_o_R®), Darren recognised the absence of face-to-face and a tailored delivery of project management and professional development courses.
Darren is committed to the provision of first class training, continuous improvement and personal development.