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AgilePM (Agile Project Management) Training Courses Designed for You

AgilePM® was originally developed with IT systems in mind but over time has become recognised as a versatile method of project management that can be applied across a range of industries. However, focus remains on engineering and IT development projects.

The Agile approach is far less traditional than other project management styles because it advocates the notion that the project team should create the project plan rather than the project manager. AgilePM® works closely with the customer or end user throughout and focuses on evolving solutions to problems. This concept works particularly well in IT where the design of the system may have unexpected consequences.

The close relationship with the customer means that these consequences can be discussed at an early stage in order to continually reflect their needs, both in terms of workability and possible cost/ budget implications.

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agilepm training courses and certificates

benefit Benefits of an AgilePM (Agile Project Management) Training Course Certification

  • Ideal for project managers, aspiring project managers or those involved in an agile project and looking to obtain an industry recognised certification.
  • An opportunity to embed an agile methodology throughout the project team in order to improve cohesion and efficiency.
  • Development of agile perspective for project managers to complement other PM methodologies.
  • Non-traditional, incremental planning and design phase makes AgilePM® well suited to product design and IT system design.
  • Customer focussed relationship building, delivery speed and cost effectiveness.
  • Fluid and quick to react to changes in project design outcomes and changes.
  • Foundation and Practitioner levels to suit all requirements.