M o R Management of Risk Training Courses and Certification in Manchester and Liverpool

M o R (Management of Risk) Training Courses Designed for You

The Management of Risk (M_o_R)® training course is an accreditation that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to be able to minimise the emergence of serious risks to your business. It considers risk from a variety of perspectives such as Strategic, Programme, Project and Operational so it is a detailed, effective way of combating risks that could affect your business.

M_o_R® is a robust but flexible framework that allows you to accurately assess risks and manage them so that your organisation’s performance is not compromised. An organisation’s performance is predicated on the risks they take and their ability to manage these appropriately and effectively.

Taking risks is often avoided, but the M_o_R® methodology demonstrates how risk can be properly managed and turned into opportunity in order to ensure a project’s success.

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benefit Benefits of an M o R (Management of Risk) Training Course Certification

  • Ideal for those involved directly in risk management roles or those who wish to broaden their understanding of risks to business.
  • An opportunity to embed a culture of risk management at all levels to better identify and assess risks posed to the business.
  • Industry wide recognised certification at Foundation and Practitioner level.
  • Reduce management time spent solving the problem and instead have contingencies plans or mitigating measures already in place.
  • Reduce waste through through better use of resources.
  • An improved base for developing strategy.
  • Better identification of risks and how to mitigate them.
  • Improved competitive advantage.
  • Better prospects for implementing change.
  • Improved management of contingency plans.
  • Reduced impact of incidents.
  • Industry best practice recognised qualification.
  • Ideal for those transitioning to a risk role or interested in developing a greater understanding of exposure to risk in business and how to mitigate.