Cyber criminal

2/3 of large UK businesses were targeted by cyber invaders last year. This year, experts predict the numbers to rise and are anticipating a huge surge in cyber crimes on small businesses and startups. In order to survive online and continue business procedure without a damaged reputation, SMEs have to treat cyber security as a priority rather than a choice. To remain strong and fight future threats, developing a strong, business-focused cyber security awareness is essential. Our workshop will do just that.

On the 4th of May, we’ll be running a cyber security workshop that will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to be able to develop a strong cyber security strategy that’s aligned with your business’s objectives. The course covers a broad range of topics in great detail, equipping you with information that will help reassure you that your business is well protected from cyber criminals.

Building Cyber Security Knowledge

In our course, we endeavour to first build your awareness of cyber attacks before teaching you how to apply this knowledge. You’ll learn about the threats themselves, where they come from and how they manifest so you know exactly what you’re looking for, and how to avoid it. We’ll discuss recent famous examples and explore how and why they happened so you know how to resist the same fate. It’s important to understand the true impact of cyber attacks on organisations so that you fully understand the extent of the damage, so we’ll detail all the possible outcomes of cyber attacks. In order to develop an effective contingency plan, you need to know why data and information is so valuable to criminal organisations which is something we’ll cover in detail.

How to Apply Cyber Security Knowledge

Once we’ve built your knowledge, we’ll teach you cyber resilience strategies that can be applied to the unique setting of your workplace. Cyber resilience begins with employees: we’ll teach you what cyber resilience strategies will work best for your employees and what standards are available. You’ll learn what to do in the event of a cyber attack and how to return to business as usual in the most efficient, quick manner.

4th of May is the day your business will become cyber aware. If you’re Liverpool or Manchester based, our workshop is here to help you; contact one of our team to book or click here to book online via Eventbrite.