GDPR Impacts Businesses in Europe and Overseas

The introduction of the EU’s new data protection initiative GDPR has left thousands of business owners anxious about what it means for their business. The landmark change to data protection rules highlights the EU’s determination to combat the growing cyber threat and when the law comes into effect in May 2018, no business can ignore it as it will be implemented in all 28 EU member states. Every business that holds or uses European data will be required by law to comply but since the digital world is at the core of what GDPR is all about, it will also impact businesses overseas: PwC are one of the first organisations to speak about how GDPR compliance is a top priority in 2017, confirming that no business can ignore it.

Businesses Have to Act Now to Tick all the GDPR Boxes

In order to remain competitive, businesses can’t afford to wait until the law becomes enforceable and it’s wise to act now to stay ahead of the game.14 months may seem like a long time to prepare for GDPR but the new laws mean more than simply adapting your existing data regulations. There’s a reason why the law the won’t come into effect for just over a year and it’s because businesses need time to transform the way they collect and use the personal information of their clients. Businesses will have to adopt an almost entirely new policy that will be a significant departure from how they’ve dealt with data protection in the past.

12 Steps That Highlight What Needs To Be Addressed

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) have issued a 12 point checklist that outlines 12 steps businesses can take now to prepare for GDPR and are encouraging business owners to start planning their approach to GDPR compliance as early as they can. These steps inform organisations of what key issues they need to be addressing in their preparations.

From making sure that the most important people in the business are aware of the impact the law is going to have to designating a Data Protection Officer to take responsibility for making sure data protection compliance is maintained throughout the organisation: there are lots of things that need to be done and business owners must act now to make sure they’re ticking all the boxes. Each of the 12 steps focuses on something different and something detailed, so it’s important that business owners make the most of the time they have in the next two years.

As an organisation that specialises in making sure your business is safe in the cyber space, our GDPR workshop on Wednesday 29th March in Manchester will make sure your business is prepared for the GDPR. This comprehensive one day workshop is highly detailed and will cover the 12 elements of the ICO’s compliance recommendations as well as all the other critical information so you’ll leave the workshop with everything you need to know to become GDPR compliant. We can also offer other services to support your business’s GDPR compliance such as training and consultancy. For more information on GDPR training and consultancy options please get in touch.