Leadership Development Training

At Perpetuum Training we are passionate about developing leaders and equipping them with the skills to support and drive their organisations function and growth. Our team consists of former British Forces officers who are the product of the world-renowned leadership academies of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. They have successfully trained and led teams across a range of environments worldwide, both military and commercial. They understand people and what what it takes to build, nurture and drive performance because they have faced adversity and led teams through hostile and challenging environments where ‘leadership failure’ means losing lives – not money.

Our leadership consultants have worked with a range of companies such as Deloitte, Fidelity, the John Lewis Group, Jaguar Land Rover and the NHS. We have also worked with a number of start-ups to support their rapid growth and development.

Our Range of Services

We offer a range of training and consultancy packages to suit the specific needs of each of our clients. Each package can be delivered either for specific projects that are being undertaken or to support the longer-term development and growth of an organisation. Our services extend, but are not limited to:

One Day Workshops

These interactive workshops are designed to raise the awareness and build on the raw talent of those in leadership roles. They discuss the techniques and understanding needed to develop an effective leadership style. The course covers:

  • What is Leadership
  • What makes a good leader and what makes a bad leader?
  • Leadership examples – past and present
  • Understanding and defining your style of leadership
  • The difference between Leadership and Management
  • Core Values and Standards
  • The Moral Component
  • Team Building exercises

Leadership Development Program

A series of talks, seminars, workshops and table-top exercises run over a set period. Each will be designed to be progressive and work to the eventual agreed goals and metrics of the organisation.
The seminars and exercises further develop the range of leadership tools of the one-day workshop portfolio and cover:

  • Personality types and the relationship to leadership
  • Leadership exercises – a series of exercises designed to draw out leadership traits and develop the individuals ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Moral courage – table top exercise in making difficult decisions
  • Building a strong and dynamic team – exercises and lessons to develop a focused team

Embedded Consultants

We are able to provide a consultant on a full or part time basis. They will support the management team in implementing the necessary training and changes required to support the development of a strong leadership ethos and team.
They will provide ongoing guidance to the senior management to ensure that the culture of the organisation is built into one that encourages and supports current and future leaders.
Individuals will be cultivated, encouraged and trained to take on challenging leadership roles and deliver results and cost savings to the organisation.

Building a Partnership

We work with clients who are passionate about improving the performance of their people and want to build long-term valuable organisations. They must also share our values of curiosity, accountability and humility whilst sharing a drive for the relentless pursuit of excellence.
We start by building a partnership. We want to understand you and your organisation because we want to ensure that we can deliver on our commitment to save you a day per week per person.

Measurable Results

We measure the proportion of value add (work that your clients pay for) vs. non value-add work. By coaching your leaders and using several bespoke methods, we work with you to increase the productivity of your people. This is not about making people work harder; it is about helping them to work smarter on the tasks and projects that really add-value to your business.
The result is a guaranteed saving of a day per week per person. That’s 20% of the capacity of your people. Most of the time it’s greater than that and in our most recent engagement we saved our client, a major automotive manufacturer, 32%.

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