Cyber Resilience

Recently the U.S. government’s cyber security policies have been getting a lot of attention as news of Russian hacking and interference in the U.S Election has been dominant news in the mainstream media. Much of the press has highlighted how inadequate current U.S. cyber policy is and how much needs to change in Washington in order to defend America from Russian threat. But it’s not just America’s governmental organisations that are under threat: experts predict that all American businesses face an increased likelihood of cyber attack as we’ve seen a dramatic increase in foreign cyber hackers challenging U.S. businesses in the digital arena.

Outdated Cyber Security Strategies That Must be Changed

Things have to change if the U.S are going to defend not only their government but their businesses too. America may have the largest and most expensive military in the world but this won’t help them prevent or minimise the damage of cyber attacks. Current U.S. strategies are inadequate to deal with cyber conflicts. Interestingly, their current cyber security strategy was written in 2011 so it is very out of date and inept to deal with the current and ever-changing cyber environment. As technology improves and the intelligence of cyber invaders grows, new kinds of cyber attacks are threatening the U.S. government and America’s businesses.

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The Prolific Rise In UK Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are not just confronting the U.S. Across the pond in the UK and all over the world, all businesses face an increased likelihood of suffering from a cyber attack. We live in the age of malware, data breaches and hacking so it should come as no surprise that the number of inbound threats against UK businesses has grown by the hundreds of thousands since 2016. Notably, more than 98% of these hacks originated from outside of the UK, highlighting the growing threat of foreign cyber invasion.

Just as U.S international cyber security strategy needs to be rewritten to keep up with the changing cyber climate, businesses all over the world need a new strategy that can be aligned with their day-to-day operations and be specific to their type of business. Having a passive or unorganised approach to cyber issues will leave businesses open to damage. The failings of U.S. cyber security show just how sophisticated and intelligent cyber hackers are, indicating that a strong, robust and smart counter- strategy must be implemented if our businesses are going to continue to thrive.

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Any business connected to the internet must ensure that they’re doing all they can to build cyber resilience. RESILIA offers UK businesses an effective and expertly designed cyber security strategy that is tailorable to various types of businesses. Cyber attacks pose a threat to all departments of a business so in order to give your business the best possible defence, a unified awareness must be built across the entire organisation. Invest in your cyber security and you won’t regret it when a cyber attack hits. Contact us to enrol your employees on a RESILIA course.