We’ve learned so much about cyber security since the inception of our company. Over the past year we have seen a multitude of cyber-attacks hit companies in a range of industries, highlighting that each individual cyber-attack is by nature unique and difficult to safeguard against. As technology becomes more innovative every day, cyber threats become more intelligent and complicated; this makes it harder for organisations to implement a cyber-security strategy that’s strong and built to last in the ever-changing cyber landscape. RESILIA was developed by Axelos, an organisation who specialise in best practice guidance, as the solution to the cyber security problem. This is why RESILIA training, whether foundation or practitioner, is the best solution to cyber attack prevention.

An Organised, Coordinated Response to Cyber Security Attacks

Organisations can’t create a 100% effective cyber security prevention strategy but they can ensure that they’re in a position of strength when a cyber attack hits. This is where cyber resilience comes in: it helps create a sense of preparedness and vigilance. An organisation with a well-designed and structured response will be able to bounce back from a cyber attack and have the best possible chance of minimising cyber threats. As with any disasters and risks that can threaten businesses, employees need to be well versed in drills and exercises; RESILIA offers the best guidance and best certifications for cyber security.

The Perfect Balance Between People, Processes and Technology

Much of the information you find online regarding cyber security focuses on technology solutions to cyber security. As the hackers use technology to infiltrate organisations, you would think that it makes sense to answer technology with technology. However, as taught by RESILIA, cyber security is as much about people and processes as it is about technology. In order for a strong network security strategy to be built, you must strike the right balance between people, processes and technology. RESILIA teaches you how to effectively manage each of these areas.

RESILIA cyber security strategies are built to work and last. If you want to ensure your organisation has the best cyber network security, you’re in the right place as we are specialist providers of RESILIA training. When you become RESILIA certified, your new cyber security plan will ensure you’re able to continue business as usual in the event of a cyber attack. Learn about our latest cyber security course here or book a RESILIA course here.