RESILIA Training Courses and Certification in Manchester and Liverpool

RESILIA™ Training Courses Designed for You

RESILIA™ is designed to help commercial and government organisations prevent and correct cyber attacks. It is a framework of cyber resilience that is developed by AXELOS and supported by the Cyber Resilience Best Practice Guide.

RESILIA™ has been developed to complement an organisation’s existing operational procedures and can be used in conjunction with your existing practices.

RESILIA™ has been created to emphasise the importance of having robust plans in place that allow the organisation to respond quickly and resume business in the event of a cyber attack.

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benefit Benefits of a RESILIA™ Training Course Certification

  • Gain a certified best-practice qualification in cyber resilience.
  • Establish a common understanding of cyber resilience across the organization.
  • Assist the organization in developing a cyber strategy to identify and resist cyber attacks.
  • Reduce the potential damage from a cyber attack and help improve the organization’s ability to recover quickly and efficiently.
  • Develop cyber resilience inline with the organization’s existing policies and processes in order to embed cyber resilience into operational culture.
  • RESILIA® can be easily integrated into companies already using ITIL for service management.